WIP Child

W.I.P. September 2014

The world now is full of chaos: lots of wars and revolutions. Many people lost their minds supposing that a war can solve any vital problems and not thinking of the consequences.

This art addresses this topic. I’d like to suggest you thinking of the fact that the war not only takes lives of your loved ones, but also deprives many children of normal childhood, education, well-being, and generates revengefulness and anger, which, in turn, bring forth other wars.

For example, from January to September 2014, military operations were conducted in 32 countries of the world.

This is the topic for this WIP.


Below you can see some test renders, search for composition, atmosphere, and general view of the work.

This topic is very important for me, so the picture should be perfect. Now I can’t find what I’m looking for.
I need some time to think about it…

The project is suspended.