Here you can find some useful links to 3D models, textures, lessons and many other things.
I hope they will help you to make your works even better.

The best resource for finding interesting ideas and useful references.
Excellent service for posting and searching pictures in the field of advertising, photo and computer graphics.
I think it's the most popular and high-quality gallery in the world of CG.
Good, old CGsociety.
One more good CG gallery.
An excellent resource about sculpting, Zbrush and everything connected with it.
Russia's largest information resource on computer graphics and 3D technologies.
Another popular Russian resource about computer graphics.

3D models
Finder 3D models on the Internet with a large database.
Resource with quality scanned people.

One of the biggest resources with textures.
Very high-quality textures with high resolution from Tomasz Grabowiecki.
Huge resource with free high-resolution images.
Resource with free high-quality HDRIs.
Greate resource with skies HDRIs.

Photo and Video

Veronika Kotlarova (YouTube)
Great channel about Photography by Veronica Kotlyarova.

IncompilationTV (YouTube)
Channel with good videos and music about sports.


Zbro z (YouTube)
ZBrush sculpting video channel.

Hairbrush method (YouTube)
A useful tutorial for creating stylized hair in ZBrush. And free brush.

Brute Timelapse (YouTube)
Another way to create hair in Zbrush.

A lot of cool V-ray materials.

Render farms
Great render farm with easy interface and good price.