Pavel Kondratenko
3D artist CV
(pdf update 15.01.2016)

Hello everybody,

Thanks for visiting my site. Let me introduce myself:

I was born in Bratsk, a Siberian town, got 2 university degrees in Tomsk, worked in Prague, and then returned to Russia again.

For the last 8 years, 3D graphics in such fields as advertising, games and cinema has been my professional occupation. During this time, I got work experience both in Russia and abroad, cooperated with many companies and met a lot of talented people. I participated in development and implementation of many interesting projects for Danone, Google, Czech television, Tesco and

Now I specialize in character and object modelling and rendering. I have perfect skills of working in ZBrush, 3D Max, Vray and other software, which help me do my job to the best quality and in due time. I always try to pay special attention to elaboration of proportions and all small details.

In my leisure hours, in addition to spending time with my family and having rest, I work on implementation of my own projects and ideas.

I’m always open for new connections and cooperation, and I’ll be happy to answer all your questions and consider any offers.

Hope to get a message from you soon! :)

Special thanks

My life is full of wonderful friends and people I’d like to thank for their help, support and just making me feel good when I need it.

My Dear Family
Konstantin Korovin
Natalia Belomestnova
Andrey Edlichko
Igor Moskaluk
Sergey Kurtsevich
Alexey Ryzhkov
Irina Timofeeva
Ivan Borodin
Ivan Seredov
Vladimir Konovalov
Alexander Goldshtein
Elena Fisher
Alexander Ditatev
Sergey Chirikov
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Viktor Maimeskulov
Alexey Murashev
Gordon Readman
Viktor Adamec
Daniel Durao
Francisco Paim
Jan Humpal
George Pinkava
David Dvořák
Alexander Urik
Vojtěch Lacina
Nikolay Kravchenko
Lukáš Krawczyk
Jitka Svozilová
Petr Zápotocký
Viktor Tretyakov
Denis Kozlov
Jirí Šindelár
Martin Hrebacka
John Daczicky
Geoffrey Case
Kamila Ostrá
Paolo Gerosa
Alexandr Novitskiy
Andrew Pecko
Alexey Golubev
Yuriy Kotenko
Pavel Barnev
Lina Karpova
Mikhail Terekhov
Vitaliy Vostokov
2D department of studio Nord (2015)