Concept Car

Projects December 2010

Concept is a sport car capable of developing high speed, having the shortest braking distance and perfect steerability.

Absence of side doors made it possible to create an unusual shape of the car and provide it with unique features. During the car movement air seems to be swallowed by the car’s “nose”, it passes through lateral radiators, increasing its speed at the expense of reduction of the guideways section, and cools the motor efficiently. It enabled us to reduce the weight of the concept significantly.

The radiator compartments also have shutters that can close upon hard braking, increasing the aerodynamic force of drag and reducing the braking distance (like a parachute). The braking distance is also reduced be means of controllable front and rear spoilers which take almost a horizontal position upon braking.

The single lateral space made it possible to create leverage between the front and rear suspensions serving to increase the oscillation amplitude of piezoelements that generate electricity during oscillation of wheels on the road when the car is moving. This electricity is added to the electricity produced by the generator and is spent on the motor, lighting, illumination, screens, cameras, etc.

The car has two seats, and the second seat can be replaced by something else (for example, by a refrigerator for drinks, luggage system, TV, etc.).

Boarding into the car should stir up good emotions as it resembles boarding into a spaceship from sci-fi films or into an airplane; the more so the seats are positioned one by one.

The rear window of the door has a light panel containing the information about the car owner, his status and driving habits, at what distance from him the other drivers should be not to get into an accident, about the current distance, personal information (if desired by the car owner) and so on. The window also has control devices (palm print scanning devices) to get an access to the car. The number plate is also electronic. It is programmed in a relevant authority and not subject to any changes. In the parking mode when the electronic system is deactivated a little hologram of the number and its bar-code are visible. This all makes it easier for the police to identify the car. It is also possible to mount a conventional number plate onto the car; it has special clamps and lighting for it.

In general, this car will stir up different and intense emotions both in technical gourmets and in experienced designers.